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hikaru yamada and metal
casting jazz ensemble

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Nov 6, 2021, LV-040

01. some people call feat. kyooo
02. moon Ⅱ (double time)
03. moon Ⅲ (perc and noise)
04. moon Ⅳ (piano trio)
05. moon (beat)

This EP consists of five songs. One is a beat number (track 5) and the other four are variations of it by twelve (jazz) musicians.


Each musician improvised on the original beat individually. And then, hikaru yamada, a conductor and a producer of this project, edited and reworked their performances into songs (track 1-4).


The musicians played without hearing the others’ performance. This process makes unique ensembles that lack center points.

hikaru yamada and metal casting jazz ensemble

落合四郎: piano, keyboards (track 1,2,4)
本藤美咲: baritone saxophone (track 1)
阿部真武: bass (track 1,4)
長澤洋平: drums (track 1,4)
井谷享志: percussions (track 1,3)
ニカホヨシオ:  electric piano (track 2)
平井庸一: guitar (track 2)
荒井康太: drums (track 2, 3)
本藤達朗: trumpet (track 1, 2)
kyooo: vocals (track 1)
大蔵雅彦: modular synthesizer (track 3)

hikaru yamada: editting, programming, alto saxophone (track 2), guitar (track 2), bass clarinet (track 2), violyre (track 2)

yasuo-range (Artwork)

作曲: hikaru yamada
作詞 (track 1): 天野龍太郎, hikaru yamada

ミックス / マスタリング:  hikaru yamada

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